When can I have a marriage annulled in Texas?

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Marriage is rarely easy — after years of living with a person that you once believed was your soul mate, you may have come to the conclusion that you would both be happier if you were no longer married. While this can be difficult to admit, it’s also brave. Taking action to improve your own life will undoubtedly benefit your children, too.

However, while you may want to end your marriage, you may be reluctant to file for divorce. You may not want to file for divorce for religious or personal reasons, and in this situation, you should look at the other options available. In certain circumstances, it is possible to have your marriage annulled. An annulment is a legal process of invalidating a marriage. If you are wondering whether you can have your marriage annulled in Texas, the following is an overview of the grounds for annulment.

When you are married to a blood relative

It’s not lawful to marry a person to whom you are related by blood. This means that you cannot marry your father, mother, sibling, uncle, aunt or cousin. If you are married to a blood relative, it is grounds for a void annulment.

When one spouse is married to someone else

A person can only be married to one other person at one time. If you learn that your spouse is also married to another person, you can have the marriage annulled.

Marriage as an underaged person

You can file for annulment if you were under the age of 18 at the time of marriage.

Lack of mental capacity

If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of marriage or if you were suffering from a mental illness, you may be able to have the marriage annulled.


If your spouse is permanently unable to have sexual intercourse, it is possible to file for an annulment on these grounds.

If you are unhappy in your marriage and you would like to end the relationship while avoiding divorce, consider your annulment options.