How Will A DWI Affect All Parts Of Your Life?

by | Dec 21, 2020 | DWI-DUI

Most people know that a criminal charge will have irreversible affects on their life. However, a DWI might not seem quite as serious to some. This is not true. While it might appear a minor charge, a DWI can also affect your life in significant ways beyond just paying a fine.

Consequences Of A DWI

There are several immediate consequences you face after being charged with a DWI in Texas. Fines, jail time and license suspension are a few of the legal consequences people face from these charges. A first-time offense can get you three to 180 days in jail along with a fine of up to $2,000. These consequences increase in severity if you face additional DWIs later in life.

But these are not the only types of consequences you might face after a DWI. The results of a DWI charge can spill into your personal and professional life too.

Additional Consequences

A DWI charge will not just affect you from a legal standpoint. These charges have the power to affect all aspects of your life from your job, to your personal relationships to your long-term finances.

A few additional consequences of a DWI can include:

· Higher insurance rates

· Limited job opportunities or even loss of job

· Poor reputation

· Feelings of shame, stress and embarrassment

A DWI will show up on your background check, court dates can be time-consuming and the affects on your personal life can be very real. Facing a charge like this is a serious matter and should be handled carefully.