Are there too many unnecessary traffic stops?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Blog, Criminal Defense

Receiving a traffic ticket results in more than an unexpected and inconvenient delay. Tickets come with fines and marks against a driving record. Texas residents might find their insurance premiums go up. Others could risk losing driving privileges after incurring too many infractions. What some find incredibly frustrating is that some traffic stops involve minor moving violations that never put anyone at risk. However, law enforcement across the country may act aggressively to ticket as many drivers as possible.

Traffic tickets and aggressive policing

When someone operates a vehicle recklessly or dangerously, a police stop could save lives. Some might question the logic behind citations for seemingly minor violations, such as making a lane change safely but without using a turn signal. Furthermore, not every police stop involves a moving violation. An officer might pull someone over for a burned-out headlight or another mechanical issue.

Some concerns might arise about whether these stops involve attempts to preserve public safety or generate revenue. The money from traffic fines goes to municipal or state coffers, which could motivate pressure to ticket as many drivers as possible.

Concerns about traffic stops

Few people would want to see anarchy on the road, but many questions the dangers of unnecessary traffic stops. Imagine the police asking someone for a license and registration, and the person reaches under the seat for the documents. An officer may assume the driver is going for a gun, leading to a tragic response.

A driver could end up requiring a criminal defense strategy when the traffic stop gets out of hand. The driver might never have represented a danger to anyone, but an unnecessary traffic stop set a confrontation in motion.

The law remains what it is, and drivers may face unexpected traffic stops. Reviewing tips regarding how to safely interact with the police might be advisable.