Having a child-centered divorce in 3 steps

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2022 | Divorce

Making the decision to get a Texas divorce is never easy. But when you have children, it may become even more complicated. You want to do what’s best for them, but you also need to think about yourself. How can you make sure that your kids are okay during and after the divorce?

Be honest with them

The first step is to be honest with your child about what’s going on. Explain that you and your spouse will not live together anymore, but reassure them that you both still love them very much.

It is important to consider how old the children are so that they can understand. Be careful not to place blame or say too much information because it could confuse them.

Consider out-of-court options

It may be best for you and your children if you can settle the divorce without going to court. There are many options available, including mediation or collaborative divorce. These methods are usually less stressful for both parties involved and their kids as well!

Mediation is a process where an impartial third party helps each side come up with solutions that work for them.

Collaborative divorce is a process where both sides agree to work together to resolve issues, and they have attorneys who represent them but do not go to court.

If you are unable to settle things out of court, remember that litigation is always an option, but it can be very damaging to kids.

Let them know what to expect

Kids often worry about things that they don’t understand. It’s important to be upfront with them and let them know what to expect. This will help ease their fears and make the transition easier for them.

For example, you can tell them that they will still see both parents but they will have different homes. You can also tell them about any changes in their daily routine, such as a different school or no more overnight visits.

It’s also important to keep communication open between you and your ex-spouse. This will help the kids feel like they are still connected to both of you.

There are many things to consider when going through a divorce with kids, such as honesty, out-of-court options, and communication. By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the process easier for everyone involved.