When do police officers stop motorists for DUI in Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2022 | Criminal Defense, DWI-DUI

DUI laws can get complicated at times, and it can be difficult to know when law enforcement can require a breath test. Police officers can’t just stop motorists and test them for no reason: There are specific indicators that give officers probable cause to stop a driver.

Erratic driving

In many cases, motorists who have been drinking weave in and out of lanes, which can be a sign that they’re impaired. Swerving can also indicate that a driver is having difficulty staying in their lane. Police officers are trained to look for these and other signs of impairment, including tailgating, to indicate that the driver is not sober and should take a breath test.


When drivers speed, they may be more likely to lose control of their vehicle and cause an accident. This is often an issue in free-flowing traffic where the posted speed limit is lower than the flow of traffic.

Driving without headlights at night

Driving without headlights is another indicator that a driver may be impaired because it’s not a normal driving behavior. Headlights are typically required by law in most states, so this is a clear sign that the driver is not following the rules of the road.

Making wide turns

Making wide turns is another sign of impairment because it indicates that the driver is not in control of their vehicle. This is often an issue when drivers are making left-hand turns because they may swing into oncoming traffic or veer off the road.

These are just a few of the indicators that police officers look for when they are determining whether to pull over a driver. If you are stopped by an officer and asked to take a breath test, it is important to know your rights.