What are common defenses for domestic violence charges?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Domestic Violence

A domestic violence conviction typically brings severe punishment in Texas, including jail time and fines. But the stigma attached to these offenses often brings harsh repercussions for a defendant’s career and reputation, destroying families and the accused’s opportunity to earn a living.

In many cases, identifying false or misleading information that sparked an investigation can help a suspect avoid charges, get them dismissed or prove their innocence during trial. Anyone under investigation should talk to an experienced defense attorney before answering any questions.

Accusations alone can cause repercussions

Domestic violence charges can target partners, spouses, parents, siblings, other family members and those in a dating relationship. While serious injuries happen in domestic violence cases, charges often result after a heated argument, even if no injuries occur.

The decision to file charges is solely in the hands of the prosecutor. Physical injuries do not have to exist for someone to face domestic violence charges. In some cases, defendants face severe penalties for alleged verbal threats or intimidation. Those wrongly accused can suffer devastating personal, emotional and financial consequences.

Common defenses for domestic abuse charges

Knowledgeable defense lawyers understand how to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Multiple defenses are possible, including:

  • False accusations
  • You were protecting yourself or others from the accuser
  • Your actions did not cause the injuries
  • The accuser’s injuries resulted from an accident
  • Investigative errors by police
  • Law enforcement violated your rights

With so much at stake, it is essential to talk to a lawyer immediately after the police contact you.

Protect your reputation and future

Being a suspect for domestic violence can damage a good person’s name. That is especially true for people with a high profile in the community. Attorney Todd Shapiro of the Shapiro Law Firm is currently representing a Plano narcotics officer accused of domestic violence.

Prosecutors filed charges in late May, and Shapiro says the allegations have already affected the 30-year veteran police officer’s career. The officer was placed on administrative leave, and a grand jury will examine the case soon. Shapiro expects to prove the officer’s innocence in court if an indictment occurs.