How a DUI can damage your job prospects

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Texas, you may be worried about how it’s going to affect your life, such as how you’ll pay the fines, if you can expect jail time or if it can affect your job. Even if you’re convicted of a misdemeanor, that blemish on your record could prevent you from getting certain positions.

How a DUI damages your job search

Many employers will ask whether you have ever been convicted of a crime, but they cannot ask you about arrests that have not turned into convictions. That’s why a solid criminal defense against a DUI arrest is important. Once convicted, however, it will show up on a background check many employers run when considering hiring someone.

If you are not looking for a sensitive position that involves frequent driving with a company vehicle or working in a school or another position involving children, you may not have a problem, depending on the employer. Government positions are usually off the table if you have a DUI conviction.

DUI convictions can limit your job search in other ways too. Even if an employer doesn’t mind a DUI, you may lose your license temporarily, making it difficult to get to an interview or to the job itself. Never lie about a DUI during an interview as experienced human resources personnel have heard it all. Lying about it and having the DUI found on a background check will stain your character.

Know your options for DUI defense

Minimizing the consequences of a DUI arrest is essential to many different aspects of your life. Examining all possible scenarios and defense strategies can help you discover possible ways to get your conviction reduced. Police procedures and technology are not infallible. Technicalities are often a viable defense. You may also be able to get your conviction expunged from your record after a certain amount of time.

DUI defenses become more difficult after multiple arrests and convictions have occurred. As convictions mount, your job prospects could keep dwindling. Even if it’s your first offense, always make sure you mount an aggressive defense.