Common motivations for false domestic violence allegations

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are as devastating to your reputation as they can be to your criminal record. Even the implication of a domestic violence charge can spread rapidly across social media and affect your job opportunities and other aspects of your life. This is particularly problematic when the allegations are false.

Fighting false charges starts with determining the motivation for the claim, and there are a few common reasons behind false allegations of domestic violence.

Lashing out in spite

When you and a significant other have challenges in your relationship, those challenges can sometimes cause one party to lash out. If your significant other has made a domestic violence claim to spite you as a result of a fight, you can contest the charges with evidence of what led to the claim.

Gaining an edge in a divorce

When you and your spouse are talking about a divorce, the terms of the settlement agreement can tip in their favor if they file a domestic violence allegation against you. With a pending divorce action, you may have sufficient proof of the wrongful allegation to fight the charges.

Winning a child custody dispute

Few things can affect the outcome of a child custody case the way that claims of abuse or domestic violence can. When you and your significant other have a pending custody case, false allegations of domestic violence can cost you.

Understanding the most common motivations behind false domestic violence allegations helps you build a sound defense against the charges.