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Posts tagged "Family Law"

911 phone call examined after domestic violence killing

In times of emergency, many people's first instinct is to call 911 for assistance. Over time, not only has the phone number become ingrained in the minds of the public, but people have come to trust and rely upon the system to get them help in a timely manner. However, as any Dallas family violence attorney is aware, a 911 call does not always yield immediate response.

Eight Dallas children abandoned by mother placed in foster care

For most parents, providing a safe and happy home for their children is their highest priority. However, as any Dallas child custody lawyer knows, not all parents have the ability or the drive to care for their children. Child abandonment or mistreatment can happen for many different reasons, and Child Protective Services may have to step in to protect the child's best interests.

Lottery winner owes $29,000 in child support

Winning the lottery can be a dream come true for many people, as the winnings can provide the means to upgrade from a current standard of living, whether by buying a new car or home, traveling the world or simply allowing the winner the freedom to follow his passion rather than merely holding down a job. And while many lottery-winner-hopefuls bemoan the taxes that must be paid on the winnings, any Texas child support attorney can point to another consequence: states can deduct any unpaid child support from the winnings.

Texas lawmakers consider bill to reduce child abuse and neglect

Children are the future, and providing a nurturing and supportive growth environment is one way to ensure that they reach their physical and emotional maturity. However, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, child abuse can cause lasting damage.

Judge who offered couple same-sex adoption now marries them

For some people, finding a penny heads-up would mean good luck. A found $5 bill might mean a good week. Other lost items might be turned into the lost and found by a Good Samaritan. However, Dallas and Collin residents may be interested to know that for one same-sex couple in New York, a discovery in a subway station was more precious than any amount of money or lost item.

Dallas mayor plans rally to increase domestic violence awareness

Domestic violence is not just an issue that affects individuals and their family members. Rather, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, it is something that can become an issue for entire communities.

Man ordered to pay more than $20,000 in child support

When a divorce or separation involves children, the issue of child support is likely to arise. It is important that money is made available so that children can have the resources they need and deserve. When child support goes unpaid, a Texas child support attorney can help parents ensure that their children's needs are met. One recent case illustrates how helpful an attorney can be in these situations.