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Posts tagged "divorce"

How to handle the holidays as an adult child of divorce

“You never stop being a parent.” It is a phrase that is often repeated by parents to let their children know that they will always worry about them, that they will always care about the choices they make and will always support them – even after they turn 18.

Good retirement planning could help a marriage

It can be important for a person to make a plan for what they'll do with the free time they'll have in retirement. When a person retires, they can find themselves with much more free time than they are used to, as the many hours that had been taken up by their job suddenly open up. This can be a major change to adjust to. Planning out one's retirement free-time use in advance could help with making it easier to adjust to this change.

Be careful what you say about your ex around the kids

When going through a divorce, your ex is probably far from your favorite person in the world. There are all sorts of negative feelings towards one's ex that might come out during the course of a divorce. It is important for divorcing individuals to not let such negative feelings spur them into actions that could harm their own interests or be harmful to their kids.

Being supportive to a friend going through a divorce

Last post, we discussed some of the things a person may want to think about when deciding who among their friends to go to for emotional support when divorcing. Today, we will talk about the other side of the equation. Many people have friends who are in the divorce process. Thus, there are many who might be wondering: What can I do to be a supportive friend to a friend who is getting divorced?

Name decisions in a divorce

Divorce is generally a very decision-filled time. Divorce decisions can touch on some very fundamental things, even your name. For individuals who changed their last name when they got married, such as changing it to their partner's last name or to a hyphenated last name, one decision that comes before them in a divorce is whether to change their last name again now that the marriage is ending.

Cellphones and relationships

Driving isn't the only thing individuals sometimes let cellphones distract them from. Individuals sometimes get distracted by their cellphone when they are spending time with their partner.

Getting divorced and big decisions

Divorce is typically an incredibly emotional experience. All sorts of strong feelings can arise when bringing a marriage to an end. The strong emotions related to a divorce can have the potential to affect a person's decision-making abilities. For example, the flurry of feelings from a divorce could cause a person to want to take rash actions that, under normal circumstances, they would not be inclined to take.