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Posts tagged "property division"

Staying informed on financial matters when considering divorce

Going into a divorce unprepared can be unwise. Such a lack of preparation could unnecessarily further complicate the divorce process, leave a person without the right information when making divorce decisions and increase the likelihood of critical mistakes being made.

Having the right team important in high-asset divorces

High-asset divorces often raise a myriad of financial issues. The financial matters in such divorces can be deeply complex and touch on many areas. Thus, properly addressing financial issues in a high-asset divorce can often require the help of a well-constructed divorce team. 

QDROs and other issues related to retirement plans in divorce

In some cases, property division in divorce is pretty straightforward. It's clear what can be characterized as marital assets, which can then be divided fairly between the spouses.

Bracing for the emotional and financial challenges of divorce

Getting a divorce can trigger all different sorts of transitions in a person's life. When going through a divorce, a person can sometimes feel like the changes that are occurring are so numerous as to be virtually uncountable. Such a period of great transition can have many challenges associated with it. 

Tunnel vision problematic when negotiating a divorce settlement

Sometimes, a divorcing couple resolves property division issues and other financial issues related to their divorce through hammering out a financial settlement through negotiations. Financial settlement negotiations can touch on a wide range of different financial issues. Given how overwhelming dealing with lots of different financial issues can seem and the fact that a person may have stronger emotional feelings about some divorce financial issues than others, a person in a divorce may have a strong temptation to keep their focus locked on to just a few areas in such negotiations.

Astros owner now divorced

As baseball fans out there likely know, we are entering into spring training season. This time of year can be a great time for MLB teams to get a fresh start. It appears that the owner of an MLB team here in Texas may be experiencing a fresh start of his own, as his divorce was recently finalized.