Dallas Police Allegedly Injured During Domestic Violence Arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2012 | Family Law

Domestic violence can thrive on secrecy. Any Dallas family violence attorney knows this all too well. In some instances, victims of domestic violence may not know where to turn for help. In other cases, victims may not realize that they are victims at all.

Recently, Dallas police officers found themselves in the middle of a domestic dispute and allegedly came away with injuries of their own. The officers were attempting to apprehend a domestic violence suspect who was driving a vehicle. The officers pulled the vehicle over and the suspect allegedly struck one police officer. When the suspect was placed under arrest, police claim he hit another officer in the nose.

Domestic violence can take several forms, including physical violence, emotional abuse and stalking, and can be identified by a pattern of abuse by one family member against another. Often, such violence may be an attempt to gain control over the victim. Domestic violence victims may be a spouse, children or other family members. One reason that domestic violence often remains out of the public eye is that older state laws used to require that a law enforcement officer actually witness an instance of domestic abuse before officials could take action.

Victims of domestic abuse have several options, including seeking an order of protection or a restraining order. A protective order may provide various safeguards for a victim and his or her family, such as by prohibiting an abuser from contacting the victim, or by requiring that an abusive family member stay away from a victim’s home or place of employment. Restraining orders must be sought by a victim and require that an abuser temporarily leave the family home. Violations of an order of protection or restraining order typically lead to arrest.

Legal measures such as protective orders and restraining orders exist to protect victims of domestic violence, child abuse and spousal abuse. Like in the recent case, law enforcement officers can also work to prevent family violence by apprehending a person who allegedly violates a court order or poses a danger to their relatives.

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