Protection for Spousal Abuse in the DFW Metroplex

Any act of violence, or threat of violence, against another member of a family or household is considered family violence. Also commonly referred to as domestic violence, these acts can include assault, sexual assault, spousal abuse, child abuse, or any other form of serious physical, sexual or emotional abuse. If you or a member of your family is the victim of abuse, it is in your best interests to take action for protection.

In Plano, at the Shapiro Law Firm, our attorneys take instances of family violence very seriously and work to help our clients protect themselves and their families. For more than 40 years in Collin County and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our family law practice has helped clients achieve successful resolutions to important family law issues, including domestic and family violence.

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Defense for False Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Accusations of family violence not only impact your reputation, but can also impact your child custody rights and other aspects of your future. While our Plano domestic abuse lawyers are committed to protecting the safety of our clients, we also know that a false allegation can be as damaging to a parent as a real act of violence. It is not only abusive to the accused person but also to the children involved.

In Texas, our firm will stand up for your rights, whether you have been the victim of family violence, or you have been falsely accused of such violence. It is in your best interests to speak with us as soon as possible to learn more about your options and your rights.

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