Texas woman jailed for beating sister unconscious

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2012 | Domestic Violence

While many people believe that the methods a parent uses to discipline a child should not be subject to public scrutiny, sometimes a parent or guardian’s actions may cross the line and the authorities may need to step in. Any Texas domestic violence attorney knows how difficult it can be when child need to be removed from an abusive environment.

A 10-year-old Texas child recently was removed from her home and placed in foster care after experiencing abuse from her adult sister. The sister, a 23-year-old woman, beat the child unconscious by banging her head on the floor. According to the report, the woman was angry that the child was eating a bag of Cheetos. Neighbors stated that there is a history of abuse in this family relationship; however Child Protective Services had no record of such abuse. The woman had been caring for her sister since 2006, after their mother was deported.

Child abuse is defined by state law, and can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse by a parent, caregiver, or other family member. Threats of abuse or harm may also constitute child abuse. Many state laws require certain groups of people, such as teachers and physicians, to report suspected cases of child abuse. Children who are victims of child abuse may experience long-lasting effects, including depression and anxiety, so early intervention in an abusive environment is important.

Children are particularly vulnerable because they may not know that they should seek help, or may not know to whom to turn for assistance. Therefore, it is important for friends, family members, and others who are in contact with children to be aware of unexplained changes in a child’s behavior or mysterious injuries.

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