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March 2013 Archives

Texas lawmakers consider bill to reduce child abuse and neglect

Children are the future, and providing a nurturing and supportive growth environment is one way to ensure that they reach their physical and emotional maturity. However, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, child abuse can cause lasting damage.

Judge who offered couple same-sex adoption now marries them

For some people, finding a penny heads-up would mean good luck. A found $5 bill might mean a good week. Other lost items might be turned into the lost and found by a Good Samaritan. However, Dallas and Collin residents may be interested to know that for one same-sex couple in New York, a discovery in a subway station was more precious than any amount of money or lost item.

Male domestic violence victim speaks out

For better or for worse, when most people picture a domestic violence victim, they picture a woman-and the majority of domestic violence victims are, indeed, women. However, as any Texas domestic violence attorney knows, men can be subject to domestic violence as well.

Violence Against Women Act passes in U.S. House of Representatives

As previously mentioned on this blog, any Texas domestic violence attorney knows that Dallas is taking steps toward increasing awareness about domestic violence and making efforts to reduce instances of domestic violence in the community. The Dallas mayor is holding a rally to educate men about domestic violence and inspire them to stop the practice, and other programs, including educational programs in schools are being started. Additionally, the city is placing a higher priority on domestic abuse arrests. Similar initiatives are springing up across the country and in the federal government.