23 arrests made in child support sweep in Tarrant County

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2013 | Child Support

Recently, several people in a nearby county were arrested in connection to allegations of having failed to pay child support. The county in question is Tarrant County.

The child support arrest sweep occurred on July 26. The sweep started early that morning and resulted in 23 individuals who have been accused of failing to make child support payments being placed under arrest. The article on the Star-Telegram’s website which reported on the sweep did not have any details regarding how much in child support the individuals arrested in the sweep are alleged to owe.

Twenty-two of the arrested individuals are male and one is female. This underscores how child support obligations are not something that only men are assigned and that men and women alike can face serious consequences if they are accused of having failed to make child support payments they were supposed to.

As this matter shows, child support delinquency allegations can lead to a person facing arrest. Such allegations can also lead to a person facing a jail sentence. According to the above-mentioned Star-Telegram article, a person can face a jail sentence of up to six months in connection to a civil warrant for failure to pay child support.

This underscores one of the methods police sometimes use to address child support delinquency: using arrests and the possibility of jail time to get individuals accused of having failed to make child support payments to pay up.

What do you think of this method of addressing child support delinquency? Do you think it is an effective way to address such delinquency?

Source: The Star-Telegram, “23 Tarrant County parents arrested for failing to pay child support,” Steve Campbell, July 29, 2013