Man alleged to have attacked girlfriend, set her on fire

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2013 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a truly terrible thing. One would hope that no person would ever have to be subjected to such violence. Sadly, reality doesn’t live up to this hope. Domestic abuse does sometimes occur.

Recently, the Dallas Morning News reported on a case involving some rather horrific domestic violence allegations.

The case involves a Dallas woman and an attack she says her boyfriend committed against her on July 30. According to the woman, the attack occurred at her apartment while she and her boyfriend were in an argument.

The woman says that, during the attack, her boyfriend:

  • Doused her with flammable chemicals twice.
  • Set her on fire by throwing toilet paper that was on fire at her.
  • Hogtied her.
  • Doused her bed with flammable chemicals while she was standing on it.
  • Caused her bed to catch fire by throwing toilet paper that was on fire at it.
  • Struck her in the head.

According to the Dallas Morning News, after this alleged incident, the woman was hospitalized for over three weeks in relation to major burn injuries. The woman’s burn injuries were to her hands, back and ears.

The woman is currently living at a domestic violence shelter.

Charges of arson and aggravated assault have been brought against the woman’s boyfriend in relation to the alleged incident.

Domestic violence, like that alleged in this case, can cause great harm to its victims and can lead to its victims feeling helpless. It is important for domestic violence victims to know that there are legal actions that can be taken to seek protection following an incident of abuse. If a person has been the victim of domestic violence, they may wish consider speaking with an experienced domestic violence attorney. A domestic violence attorney can help a domestic violence victim determine what options for seeking protection are available to them and can help them pursue such options.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Dallas woman left severely burned in attack warns others of domestic violence’s dangers,” Tanya Eiserer, Sept. 3, 2013