Record-breaking fiscal year for Texas child support collections

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2013 | Child Support

Child support payments can be very impactful. These payments can play a significant role in ensuring that children receive the support they need. There are many steps states take to try to ensure that ordered child support payments are made.

Recently, some statistics have been released regarding child support collections in Texas in the fiscal year which ended on Aug. 31. In this fiscal year, around $3.6 billion in child support was collected by the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division.

This collection total is the highest annual total Texas has ever had. It also makes Texas the top ranked state when it comes to child support collections. Texas also ranked high in the above-mentioned fiscal year when it came to measures of efficiency of collections (such as amount collected per dollar spent).

There are many things that could lead to high child support collection totals for a state. Some examples include: a high overall number of child support awards, a high level of compliance with child support orders and effective collection methods. One wonders what factors contributed to the record-breaking collection totals of the above-mentioned fiscal year. One also wonders if Texas will continue to see high collection totals in upcoming years.

There are many issues that can arise regarding child support. If a person has a child support concern, he or she may wish to consider speaking with a family law attorney. A family law attorney can help guide a person through the many complex aspects child support matters can have.

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