Police officers and domestic abuse in Dallas

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2013 | Domestic Violence

One of the roles that police are supposed to serve is to protect the innocent from violence, such as domestic violence. Thus, it is very disturbing and worrisome when police officers are accused of having committed domestic violence in their own home life.

Recently, such allegations have come up in Dallas. Specifically, in recent weeks, domestic violence allegations have led to two police officers in Dallas getting arrested. This brings the number of domestic violence arrests that have been made against cops in Dallas since August 2010 up to 10. The myfoxdfw.com article which reported on this story did not have any details regarding the specific domestic abuse allegations the arrests were related to.

The police force in Dallas has around 3,500 cops in it. Thus, the number of Dallas police officers who have been arrested on domestic violence allegations in around the past three and a half years is less than 1 percent of the force. However, this makes the cases that have come up no less troubling. One would hope that none of Dallas’ police force would ever personally be involved in an alleged domestic violence incident.

Some questions arise when it comes to domestic abuse and police. What efforts can be taken to help reduce the occurrence of police officers committing domestic violence? Are enough such efforts currently being taken?

What do you think about this second question when it comes to Dallas? Do you think Dallas can/should be doing more to prevent officer-involved domestic violence incidents?

Source: myfoxdfw.com, “DPD Chief reiterates domestic violence among cops is unacceptable following arrests of 2,” Shaun Rabb, Dec. 12, 2013