Study: abuse incidents involving weapons carry higher repeat risk

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2014 | Domestic Violence

In some instances of domestic violence, the abuser uses a weapon. One obvious thing that can make such abuse incidents particularly awful is the extreme amount of harm weapons can cause victims. A recent study indicates that there may also be another very ominous aspect of domestic violence incidents involving weapons.

In the study, the researchers reviewed thousand of police reports regarding domestic abuse. The reports were all from the Seattle area.

In their review of the reports, the researchers looked at what factors were linked to increased risk of a female domestic abuse victim being subjected to further abuse. The researchers found that, when an initial domestic violence incident involved a weapon, there was an increased likelihood (as high as an 83 percent increase) that a repeat incident of abuse would occur.

Now, there is one limitation about this study that is worth noting. This limitation is that all of its data came from one geographic area. Thus, questions arise regarding whether the study’s results are simply reflecting a local anomaly or are accurately reflective of what is occurring nationally. One thing that could help answer such questions is if a study with a data set with greater geographic variety is conducted regarding this topic.

Concerns about the possibility of facing additional abuse are something that many domestic abuse victims have. There are certain legal protections available to domestic violence victims here in Texas, such as restraining orders, that can help address such concerns. Individuals who have questions about pursuing such protective measures should consider contacting a domestic abuse attorney.

Source: Michigan State University, “Weapons tied to repeat domestic abuse,” Jan. 29, 2014