Cyber-spying and domestic violence

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2014 | Domestic Violence

The many advances that have occurred in information and computer technologies have had a wide variety of different benefits. Unfortunately, they have also given rise to some problems. One of these problems is the problem of cyber-spying. Cyber-spying can give rise to some particularly major concerns in the realm of domestic violence.

There are technologies out there that can make it so a person can monitor the texts, calls, email, computer passwords or location of another person. One could see how such technologies could be used to great harm when in the hands of domestic violence perpetrators, as they could use the technologies to stalk their victims.

Things individuals can do to try to protect themselves from cyberstalking include using strong privacy settings on online systems that they use (like social media), frequently changing their passwords to computer and online accounts, using strong passwords and routinely running spyware detection programs.

The problem of cyber-spying and the potential for such spying to give rise to domestic violence incidents raises several questions. What can be done to address this problem? What anti-cyberstalking laws should be put in place here in Texas and in the United States?

If a person suspects that a spouse, partner, ex-spouse, ex-partner or a person that has previously committed domestic violence against them is engaging in cyberstalking or other conduct against them that could lead to domestic violence, they should immediately seek out help. Family law attorneys can give domestic violence victims and individuals who suspect that they could soon face domestic violence advice and information regarding what legal protections might be available to them and work to get them the help, support and protection that they need.

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