Domestic violence has claimed 17 lives in North Texas this year

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can rather quickly escalate to horrifying proportions. It sometimes even costs victims their lives. Here in North Texas, several people have lost their lives to domestic abuse this year.

According to the Dallas Morning News, in the four-county-area including Collin, Dallas, Denton and Rockwall counties, this year has thus far seen 17 domestic violence killings.

The demographics of the victims illustrate how anyone, whether they be a child or an adult, male or female, rich or poor, can fall victim to domestic violence. No demographic is immune to domestic abuse. Of the North Texas domestic violence killing victims from this year, 14 were adults and three were kids. Of the adult fatalities, seven were men and seven were women. The incidents occurred in both affluent and poor neighborhoods.

Of the 16 individuals suspected of perpetrating the killings, six are women and ten are men. Around half the suspects committed suicide following the fatal domestic violence incident.

Most of the killings involved firearms. Suffocation, beating and stabbing were some of the other killing methods used.

These numbers are truly sad. Even one domestic violence killing is too much, so it is horrifying to see that so many people here in North Texas have lost their lives at the hands of domestic abuse.

The fact that domestic abuse can sometimes turn deadly is one of the many reasons why it is extremely important for everyone here in Texas to be aware of how big of a problem domestic violence is and to do everything they can to prevent such abuse. Also, it underscores how important it can be for domestic violence victims to seek out help and legal protections.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Deadly Affection: 17 killed in North Texas domestic violence so far this year,” Diane Jennings and Sarah Mervosh, July 5, 2014