In cases of domestic violence allegations, know your options

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Allegations of violence or abuse in a family can make for a very sensitive and volatile situation. This is true whether a couple is married, divorced or in the process of getting divorced. And when children are involved, the need for resolution and protection is very real. 

Victims of domestic violence and those who have been wrongfully accused of violent behaviors can struggle enormously when it comes to understanding what their situation means and what steps are available to protect themselves and their families. Rather than try to take on all of these challenges alone, people who are confronting issues of family violence may be wise to seek the guidance and support of an attorney.

Domestic violence accusations can be very damaging to a person’s reputation, career and family. If the claims are legitimate, an abusive person could lose custody of their children and face other legal penalties. If, however, the accusations are false, the person making the false allegations could face similar consequences.

When allegations of domestic violence come out during a particularly bitter and contentious divorce, it can be crucial to determine if they are truthful. If they are legitimate, protecting a soon-to-be-ex spouse and any children from future acts of violence should be a top priority. If they are not true, the person who has been wrongfully accused will want to protect themselves from inappropriate or unnecessary punishment.

In either case, it can be essential to have the support of an attorney who understands that all allegations of domestic violence should be taken seriously. The attorneys at our firm have experience working with people who are affected by domestic abuse allegations, and can protect the rights of those who are involved. 

For more information on how the attorneys at The Shapiro Law Firm can assist in cases involving divorce and/or domestic violence, we invite you to visit our webpage on Family Violence and family laws in Texas.