Domestic abuse and same-sex couples

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse has recently significantly come into the public’s focus given what has happened in professional football this season. The vast majority of this public focus is on domestic violence within heterosexual couples. However, domestic abuse is not a problem exclusive to opposite sex-couples; violence can also be an issue within same-sex couples. In fact, a recent research review indicates that domestic abuse may even be more prevalent among same-sex couples than it is among heterosexual couples.

The review looked at the findings of four past studies of domestic abuse among same-sex partners. From this investigation, the review concluded that the portion of the bisexual, gay and lesbian population that ends up being subjected to domestic violence may be somewhere between one-fourth and three-fourths.

This finding points to domestic abuse being at least as big of a problem among same-sex partners as it is among heterosexual partners, and possibly even a bigger one. Some estimates put the likelihood of a heterosexual woman being subjected to domestic abuse at around 25 percent.

Thus, one hopes that society makes sure to not lose sight of the fact that domestic abuse among same-sex partners is a significant issue and that it is important to have support structures in place to help individuals in same-sex relationships who have been subjected to domestic violence.

Whenever a person has had domestic violence committed against them by a romantic partner, regardless of whether they are in a heterosexual relationship or a same-sex relationship, it can be vital for them to seek out help. Domestic abuse attorneys can help domestic violence victims of all different backgrounds review the options they have for getting help and legal protection.