What factors can TX courts not use in child support decisions?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2014 | Child Support

Child support cases here in Texas can end up focusing on a wide range of different things. This is because many different factors can potentially have an impact on what child support arrangement is ultimately reached in a case.

There are many different factors Texas law allows courts to take into account when deciding what child support arrangement would be in a child’s best interests. However, there are also certain things that courts are explicitly prohibited from considering when making child support decisions. Here are some of the things Texas law bans courts from factoring in child support decisions:

  • The parents’ marital status. 
  • The sex of the involved child.
  • The sex of the parent that will be making the child support payments.
  • The sex of the parent that will be receiving the child support payments.

Thus, Texas law prohibits courts from engaging in parent marital status discrimination or sex discrimination in child support cases.

As is the case with pretty much all family law proceedings, when a parent is involved in a child support proceeding, it can be vital for the parent to go into the proceeding properly informed. Among the things it can be important for parents to understand going into a child support case is what things courts can and cannot consider in such proceedings, as such an understanding can be important when building arguments for a child support case. Being properly informed going into a child support proceeding is one of the things knowledgeable family law attorneys can help parents with.