Does Dallas need more domestic violence shelters?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2015 | Domestic Violence

One thing that is very important in the fight against domestic abuse is giving domestic violence victims opportunities to safely get away from their abuser. Domestic violence shelters can play a major role in helping with this important goal.

Unfortunately, it appears that a rather alarming trend may be happening when it comes to domestic violence shelters in Dallas. This trend is lack of enough shelter availability to accommodate all the domestic violence victims who are looking for shelter. According to advocates for domestic violence victims, the domestic violence shelters in Dallas are regularly full, and thus domestic violence victims can face some significant challenges when it comes to trying to find a shelter to stay at. Advocates say that the lack of open shelter space may be causing some domestic violence victims to be homeless or to move back in with their abuser.

This raises several questions on the issue of domestic violence shelters in Dallas. Does Dallas need more such shelters? Is the funding for such shelters sufficient? What will be needed to get domestic violence shelter funding and capacity to the level needed to accommodate all domestic violence victims in the area who need shelter services?

As these current concerns illustrate, challenges can sometimes arise for domestic violence victims when it comes to getting the services they need. It is important for domestic violence victims to not let such challenges cause them to think that there is no hope of getting proper help and that their only option is to give up. It is also important for such victims to know they do not have to face these challenges all by themselves. Domestic violence attorneys can assist domestic abuse victims with getting proper legal protections and help them with the challenges they face as they try to move on after the abuse.

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