In some cases, grandparents can collect child support

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Child Support

Today, more and more Texas grandparents are stepping in to assume parental roles with their grandchildren. However, this approach to child-rearing comes with numerous questions and concerns for the older generation. Many of these questions are financial ones.

You may think, “I’m paying for all my grandson’s expenses while he lives in my house, but I can’t really afford it. What can I do?” Or you may say, “My granddaughter’s parents both have substance abuse issues and are unfit to raise her. I’d like to help, but where will I get the money for her schooling, doctor appointments and other needs?”

One potential solution to the financial worries is to seek a formal child support order from the court.

According to the website of the Attorney General of Texas, grandparents can petition for child support in several situations. One situation is when your grandchild is currently living with you and is under your direct supervision. (Note: You must be able to show clear proof that this is the case.)

Once a legal child support order is established, you can seek the court’s help to enforce it (if the parents are refusing to pay) or to modify it (if life circumstances significantly change).

Family law in Texas is constantly changing, so it is wise to engage the assistance of an experienced attorney if you have questions or concerns about child support or your rights as a grandparent. A legal professional can advise you about your options and counsel you about how to proceed.