Mental health illnesses behind many Texas child hospitalizations

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Child Support

One of the things parents care about greatly when it comes to their kids is keeping their children healthy. Unfortunately, children sometimes develop conditions that could put their physical or mental health at risk. A recent study indicates that one health problem that touches quite a few children here in Texas is mental illness.

The study looked at child hospitalizations in Texas between 2004 and 2010 to see what medical conditions/issues were responsible for the most hospitalizations among children of different age groups. 

The study found that mental health illness was the reason for a great deal of hospitalizations over this period among juveniles age 10 and older. Among kids between the ages of 10 and 14, mental illness was the top cause of hospitalization, making up around 30 percent of hospitalizations within this group. The percentage was lower for children ages 15 to 17, at 21 percent, but this was still enough to make mental illness the second most common hospitalization cause among that age group.

Another finding the study made was that the occurrence of mental-health-related hospitalizations for children in Texas increased during the 2004-2010 time period.

Things that some postulate might be behind the high levels of mental health illness hospitalizations for Texas children and the increase in such hospitalizations include challenges when it comes to getting outpatient care for child mental illnesses (such as insurance coverage issues involving such care) and improvements when it comes to spotting mental health illnesses in children.

When a child has a mental health issue, it is very important to get them proper care to help them address the issue. This is among the reasons why thinking about potential future mental health care (and other medical care) for their child can be very important for a parent when they are getting a divorce. It can be a particularly important thing to focus on when it comes to the issue of child support.

One thing that can be vital when it comes to reaching a child support arrangement in a divorce of parents is making sure the arrangement contains proper terms regarding health insurance and medical care costs that will help best ensure that a child’s health care costs needs will be met in the future. Attorneys can provide divorcing parents with guidance when it comes to medical support issues and other important issues related to child support.