Protecting your kids after a domestic violence incident

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2015 | Domestic Violence

There are many significant concerns a person may have after having been subjected to domestic abuse by their spouse or partner. When a domestic violence victim has kids, one thing that is often one of their biggest concerns is protecting their children. 

Being exposed to parent-against-parent domestic violence can be very harmful to children.

For one, an abusive spouse/partner could end up expanding their family violence so that it is not only directed towards their spouse/partner, but also the kids. Being abused by a parent can have incredibly long-lasting impacts on a child.

A child can also be harmed by domestic violence occurring in their family even if they themselves aren’t directly abused. When kids are in an environment where family abuse is present, it could lead to them emulating abusive behavior down the road or lead to other problems that could have severe impacts on their future.

There are many things a domestic violence victim may be able to do to try to protect their kids when they are leaving an abusive situation.

For one, some domestic abuse services are not only able to provide help to abuse victims, but also their children.

Also, there are legal options abuse victims can turn to for the protection of their kids. In some instances, a domestic violence victim may be able to get a protective order in place for their children’s protection. Also, there may be child-custody-related legal actions a domestic abuse victim can take to help ensure that their child does not end up in a custody arrangement that is contrary to the child’s best interests.

Family law attorneys can help domestic violence victims understand what legal steps they can take to protect themselves and their kids.

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