Texas sees new domestic violence laws and funding

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Many different things can have impacts on what sorts of services and protections are available to a given family abuse victim here in Texas. One is what domestic violence laws and funding are currently in place in the state. Recently, there have been some changes regarding these things in Texas.

For one, there has been a boost in domestic-violence-related funding. Specifically, Texas’ governor recently approved an $8 million dollar increase in state funding for domestic violence/sexual assault victim support, including an increase in the funding for domestic violence resource center services and domestic abuse shelter services.

Also, there are some new domestic violence laws here in Texas. Included among these new laws are a law that will make it a criminal offense to tamper with a GPS device that was issued in a family violence case and a law that will make faster protective orders possible. It is hoped that these new laws will make for better protection of domestic violence victims.

What is your opinion of the funding increase and the new domestic violence laws? What impacts do you think these changes will have on domestic abuse victims in Texas? Do you think they will improve things for such individuals? Do you think Texas is currently on the right track when it comes to helping family violence victims, or do you think there are steps that the state should be taking for the protection and support of such victims that it currently isn’t?

Family violence victims here in Texas who are wondering what their rights and options are when it comes to services and protection should consider seeking out guidance on the matter. Domestic abuse attorneys can provide advice, information and legal support to victims of such violence. 

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