Child support and putting kids in a position to succeed at school

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Child Support

The school year will soon be starting here in Texas. Thus, many Texas parents are getting ready to send their kids back to the classroom and hoping that their children will have a good year. Parents generally have a strong hope that their children will get a great education and will succeed at school. Many things can potentially impact how a child does in school. For children of divorced/separated parents, one such thing is whether they are getting the financial support of child support.

This point was underscored in a recent message the office of the Texas Attorney General issued for parents in the state. The message highlighted the important role child support can play in a child’s life, including their school life, and urged parents who have child support obligations to make sure to make their child support payments.

Research indicates that getting child support from their parents is associated with many positive school-related things for children with divorced/separated parents, including: staying in school longer, better performance grade-wise and lower likelihood of behavioral problems.

Child support can help ensure that a child’s various needs, such as food, health and school-supply needs, are properly provided for. One could see how having these needs met can be an important part of a child being in a strong position for success when it comes to school. Child support arrangements also sometimes have terms specific to education costs, like terms regarding how costs for private school or after-school activities will be divided between parents.

As one can see, child support can have implications for some very fundamental and important things in a child’s life. Thus, reaching appropriate child support arrangements in divorce cases can be incredibly important, as can taking proper enforcement steps when child support payments aren’t being made. When it comes to any sort of child-support-related legal issue, from child support agreement negotiations, to divorce-related child support proceedings, to child support modifications, to child support enforcement, attorneys can help parents with trying to reach fair resolutions that will protect their children’s interests and future. 

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