When starting the new year off with divorce may not be wise

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2016 | Divorce

The start of a new year is a time in which many people are reflecting about what is working in their life and what isn’t. Consequently, it is also a time of year in which many people decide to make big changes in their life. One big change some people who are in a struggling marriage decide to start the new year off with is filing for a divorce.

Thus, it is not that surprising that January tends to be one of the more popular months for divorce filings. Now, there are plenty of circumstances in which filing for a divorce near the year’s start makes sense, logistically and emotionally. However, there are also certain situations in which an early-in-the-year divorce filing might not be a good call.

One is if a person is not yet properly prepared for a divorce. Divorces are complex, not just from an emotional perspective, but also from a logistical and financial perspective. When a person goes into a divorce not properly prepared, it can lead to numerous problems. Things that can be important preparations to make before filing for divorce include gathering all the right financial paperwork and getting a framework in place for separating one’s finances from the finances of one’s spouse. When considering a divorce, a person should consider consulting with a divorce attorney for guidance on what divorce preparations to make and help with making such preparations.

Another situation is if the person is not sure a divorce is really what they want. The time right after the holidays can sometimes be one full of emotions. In this period, it can sometimes be difficult to pin down which thoughts are just knee-jerk reactions and which ones are actually based on an accurate assessment of one’s situation. Given the very impactful nature of divorce, it can be important to carefully think about one’s reasons and motivations for wanting a divorce prior to filing.

Every person considering divorce has their own unique situation and thus their own special factors regarding what timing for filing for a divorce would be right for them. Divorce attorneys can assist individuals thinking about filing for divorce with figuring out what sort of filing timing would be best for them.

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