Another Dallas cop accused of domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2014 | Domestic Violence

In a post last month, we discussed how, in the past few years, several Dallas police officers have been accused of having committed domestic abuse. Given the terrible nature of domestic violence, one would hope that, moving forward, we would see a reduction in alleged domestic abuse incidents involving Dallas police officers.

Unfortunately, hopes that 2014 might be a year in which no Dallas police officers are accused of domestic violence have already been dashed. Recently, allegations of family violence were leveled against an officer who has been with Dallas’ police force for 12 years. The Dallas Morning News article which reported this story did not have any specifics regarding the details of the allegations.

Last Wednesday, the officer was arrested in Duncanville in relation to the allegations. He is facing a family violence charge.

The Internal Affairs Division of the Dallas police department is currently looking into the allegations. The department has put the officer on administrative leave.

One wonders if any specific efforts will be taken this year to address the issue of domestic abuse among members of Dallas’ police force. If such efforts are taken, one hopes that they prove to be effective.

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Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Dallas police officer arrested in Duncanville, charged with domestic violence,” Robert Wilonsky, Jan. 8, 2014