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February 2014 Archives

Judge: Texas' ban on same-sex marriage violates U.S. Constitution

Yesterday, the federal judge who heard the request a pair of same-sex couples made for a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of Texas' same-sex marriage ban has made a decision on the request. The decision, while not having any immediate effects on the state of things in Texas, is one that advocates of same-sex marriage likely find very encouraging.

In a twist, court orders sperm donor to pay child support: Part 2

In the previous post, we discussed a headline-grabbing case involving a same-sex couple and a sperm donor. At the point we left off, one of the women had lost her job, so she was unable provide financial support for her child. Her former partner sought state assistance to make up for this deficit. However, the state of Kansas soon became involved.

In a twist, court orders sperm donor to pay child support: Part 1

For many couples, being able to raise a child is very important. As such, they may look into a variety of means to grow their family. For some couples, using in-vitro fertilization with a sperm donor is the best option. Generally speaking, the donor in this type of arrangement doesn't maintain parental rights and responsibilities, since they often don't play a role in the child's life.

Judge deciding on injunction in same-sex marriage ban case

This week, a hearing was held in a case we discussed in a previous post. The case in question is the constitutional challenge a Plano same-sex couple has brought against Texas' same-sex marriage ban in a federal court. Also plaintiffs in this case are a same-sex couple from Austin that got married in another state.

Dallas taking on new domestic violence awareness effort

Sometimes, colors are associated with certain issues. One of the issues that the color purple is associated with is domestic violence awareness. City officials in Dallas are currently working to make downtown Dallas a very purple area in late March.

Addressing the needs of a special needs child during a divorce

Divorcing parents with special needs children may wonder what they can do to try to make their divorce easier for their kids. A couple of things that it is important for parents of children with mental or physical disabilities to do during a divorce is to keep in mind their child's particular needs and to take steps to address these needs.