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August 2014 Archives

What factors do Texas courts consider in child custody decisions?

The stakes can be remarkably high when it comes to child custody matters, as how such matters are resolved can have long-term impacts on how much time a parent gets to be with their kids. Parents also generally have very strong opinions regarding what custody arrangement would be best, and these views don't always match. Given this, it isn't at all surprising that, sometimes, despite their best efforts, separated or divorced parents are not able to come to an agreement regarding the issue of child custody.

Overall cost of raising a child may surprise some

A couple of weeks back, we discussed child care costs and some of the ways to address such costs. These costs, however, are only just one of the costs that can go with raising kids. Child-raising costs can be of many different types and, when put all together, they can be rather astronomical.

Same-sex adoptions can be complex in Texas

When a couple has been together for awhile and has made a major commitment to each other, one thing they may desire is to start a family together. Same-sex couples are no exception to this. However, for same-sex couples, biology requires that they turn to non-traditional methods for starting a family. For many same-sex couples, the seeking of an adoption plays a role in their efforts to start a family.

Dealing with child care costs

One of the expenses a parent will often have is child care costs. While a parent may want to spend all of their time with their children, this often isn't possible. After all, income has to come into a household somehow.

Duchovny and Leoni settle details of their divorce

There are few things in life, if any, that parents care about more than their children. Thus, it is of little surprise that issues regarding the kids are generally a major concern for parents when getting divorced. Among the arrangements regarding the kids that generally need to be reached in a divorce are arrangements related to where the kids will live, who gets to make decisions regarding the kids and how the financial support of the kids will be handled.

How long can a protective order for domestic abuse last in Texas?

One of the legal protections that a domestic violence victim may be able to pursue is a protective order. Such orders can put restrictions on the perpetrator of a domestic abuse incident, such as restrictions from coming into contact with the victim or the victim's children.