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September 2014 Archives

Child support garnishments a common type of wage garnishment

One enforcement mechanism that states, including Texas, sometimes use to try to collect child support from parents who are supposed to be paying child support but have failed to make payments is wage garnishment. This is when some of a person's wages are deducted to cover a debt. As a recent study demonstrates, child-support-related garnishments make up a rather large percentage of wage garnishments in America.

All may be fair in love and war, but not in divorce

In a divorce, one thing both parties are generally incredibly concerned about is what will happen with the various assets that they have. This is understandable given that divorce property divisions have the potential to significantly impact what a person's financial position will be coming out of a divorce. There are many legitimate ways within the legal system that individuals who are getting divorced can utilize to help protect their interests and to fight for their fair share in a property division.

Could wealth play a role in how impacted a child is by divorce?

A divorce is a major life event that can deeply affect the divorcing parties. Thus, it is hardly surprising that, if the divorcing parties have kids, the kids can be significantly impacted as well. Sometimes, kids will exhibit behavioral changes following a divorce. Recently, a study reached some interesting findings regarding which children are particularly prone to behavioral changes after their parents divorce.

Will U.S. Supreme Court decide to hear same-sex marriage cases?

The law when it comes to same-sex marriage here in the U.S. is currently in a very unsettled state. This is because a definitive answer has not yet been given to a significant question: are state same-sex marriage bans allowed under the U.S. Constitution?

In cases of domestic violence allegations, know your options

Allegations of violence or abuse in a family can make for a very sensitive and volatile situation. This is true whether a couple is married, divorced or in the process of getting divorced. And when children are involved, the need for resolution and protection is very real. 

Relocation plans can raise complicated child custody matters

Sometimes, career considerations, family issues or other factors will make it so a parent has a desire to move to another city, another state or even another country. If a parent is divorced or separated from the mother/father of their children, a relocation can give rise to important and complex legal matters. In such situations, what will generally need to occur is a modification of the child custody arrangement that is currently in place, as a parent moving to a new location can have many custody/visitation implications.

To sell or not to sell? Asset division decisions can get complex

There are many different decisions that can come before a divorcing couple when it comes to division of property. These decisions can sometimes give rise to contentious disputes, as they not only can touch on financial issues, but also emotional ones.

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