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November 2014 Archives

What payment forms can Texas courts order for child support?

When a Texas court issues a child support order, there are many different things that the order typically specifies. Some of the main ones include who will be required to pay child support and what the amount of the child support obligation will be.

Child-related disputes between divorced parents

A divorce can cause all sorts of changes within a family. These changes can leave a child feeling very disoriented and confused. It is very important for Texas parents who have gotten divorced to be mindful of this and to do what they can to make adjusting to the changes the divorce will bring about as easy as possible for their kids.

For Texas veterans, marriage can cost them benefits at divorce

The U.S. military tries its best to take care of its former servicemembers once they leave the service, especially career soldiers or Marines. Military and disability benefits help veterans as they come home from war with injuries, or as they age.

What protections can a Texas protective order provide?

When a person has had domestic abuse committed against them, one thing that can be incredibly important is protecting them from further harm from the abuser. One mechanism that the legal system here in Texas has for providing such protection are protective orders. Family violence victims generally can pursue to have such an order put in place against their abuser.

In child support matters, keeping focus on the kids important

Child support proceedings in a divorce can sometimes stir up significant emotions within the divorcing parties. Thus, it can be easy in such proceedings for the divorcing parties to get side-tracked and perhaps lose sight of the things that matter most in such proceedings. Thus, in child support proceedings, it can be very important for divorcing parties to keep in mind what the purpose of child support is.

How you divide your stuff now could lead to expenses later

When it comes to divorce, there are a number of processes that must be gone through before couples are allowed to sign the final document that dissolves their marriage for good. One of these processes is one that our Dallas readers may be quite familiar with: property division.

The unconscionability ground for invalidating a Texas prenup

Generally, here in Texas, prenuptial agreements that a couple reached regarding how property is to be split in a divorce are enforceable in the event that the couple does in fact end up divorcing. However, there are a couple of grounds under which a prenuptial agreement can be found unenforceable by a court in a divorce case. We will go over one of these grounds today: the unconscionability ground.

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