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December 2014 Archives

A child's best interests and custody order modifications

Last week, we discussed how Deion Sanders' ex-wife had received a brief jail sentence after a judge found that she violated a visitation schedule. However, that was not the only custody-related development that has recently occurred when it comes to Sanders and his ex-wife. Sanders' ex-wife also had her visitation rights revoked regarding the former couple's three kids. 

Jail time given to Deion Sanders' ex-wife for visitation violations

When, in a divorce decree regarding parents with minor children, one of the parents is granted visitation rights, the decree will generally contain a visitation schedule. It is very important for parents to not wrongfully violate such a schedule. Some examples of visitation schedule violations are:

TX county enlists hairstylists to help domestic abuse victims

There are many different sources of help out there for domestic violence victims. Domestic violence hotlines and shelters are a couple of examples of sources domestic abuse victims can turn to for help and support. Also, domestic violence victims may be able to receive legal protections aimed at keeping them safe from their abuser, such as protective orders.

Many divorce financial issues have potential tax implications

How the financial issues in a divorce are resolved can have significant implications regarding what sort of financial state a person will be in following the divorce. Thus, financial issues tend to be among some of the bigger issues in a divorce. There are many different factors that it can be important to keep in mind when in proceedings or negotiations regarding financial issues in a divorce. One of these is tax implications.

What it is current status of same-sex marriage in Texas?

Same-sex marriage could soon become legal in the state of Texas, and if it does, hundreds of same-sex couples are expected to rush to local courthouses to wed. However, at this point there is no telling if and when the gay marriage ban will be lifted.

Keeping the holidays enjoyable for the kids post-divorce

It can be tough on a kid when their parents divorce. Such a divorce can stir up all sorts of different emotional worries and concerns for a child. Thus, when parents get divorced, it is very important for them to keep their kids needs and feelings at heart and to do what they can to help their kids deal with the divorce and the new family reality it brings about.

The importance of being prepared when going into a divorce

It can be an extremely emotional and stressful time for a person when they are in a marriage that is breaking down and they and their spouse are moving towards a divorce. A person may have all sorts of questions running through their mind. Why is this happening? How did the marriage go wrong? What will my life be like after the marriage ends? How will I tell my kids? How will I tell my family and friends? What will everyone think?

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