Criminal Defense – Frequently Asked Questions

Every criminal charge is unique, and every defendant of a criminal charge is likely to come with their own unique set of questions. At the Shapiro Law Firm, we have provided the Dallas-Fort Worth area with legal representation for over 40 years. And in our experience, we have often heard the following questions regarding criminal law:

How can I get the best resolution?

Obtaining a favorable resolution starts by seeking out a representative with experience. Our lawyers at the Shapiro Law Firm come from dynamic legal backgrounds that give them a unique perspective in the courtroom. For example, attorney Todd Shapiro spent time as a prosecutor at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, and he uses his experience as a prosecutor to build the best defense possible for his clients.

Am I going to jail or prison?

If convicted, whether you end up in jail or in prison will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case. Basically, the severity of the crime will have an influence. For example, was the offense a misdemeanor or was it a felony?

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a less severe criminal charge. Penalties for a misdemeanor conviction will range anywhere from a simple fine to months in a county jail. Conviction for a felony charge could result in heavy fines and years in prison, depending on the degree of the offense.

How do I keep my record clean?

In Texas, you may have your arrest records expunged or sealed, depending on your circumstances. Though expungement will require that you complete the necessary petitions and follow the forms closely. We offer assistance with clearing criminal records.

If my child is charged, how can I help?

You can help your child by hiring a private legal counselor. Private attorneys with a background in criminal defense, especially those who understand both sides of a criminal case, will know what to expect in the courtroom. They will also help you better understand the process and the strategies of the prosecution and provide your family with some peace of mind during a tough time.

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