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After a divorce settlement has been agreed upon, circumstances may arise for one or both parents that make it necessary to modify that settlement agreement. One of the most common reasons for a modification of a divorce decree is when one parent wants to relocate for career or family reasons. In order to obtain a modification, it is necessary to obtain court approval through a modified child custody order.

At the Shapiro Law Firm, our Collin County and Dallas-Fort Worth relocation attorneys can help you understand the law with regard to child relocation and the modification of child custody orders. In every case, we put the child’s well-being at the forefront of all relocation discussions and will protect your child’s best interests during the process. We will also help you protect your parental rights and explain how Texas custody laws apply to your situation.

Considerations in Relocation and Move-Away Cases

In Dallas-Fort Worth and throughout the state of Texas, courts follow different standards depending on the distance the party wishes to move.

Regular visitation guidelines are in place within 100 miles of one another, while long-distance visitation guidelines are in place when parties live farther than 100 miles apart. In most cases, when the parent with primary physical custody moves outside the county, long-distance guidelines go into effect.

These guidelines state that the parent who moved away must pick up the child at the end of each visit with the noncustodial parent, and that the custodial parent must pay for an airline ticket if driving is not available or must pay the airfare for an adult to accompany a child under five years of age.

Out-of-state and international relocation will have additional considerations and guidelines. Our firm can help you understand the law and your rights in a relocation and modification case.

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