Separation Agreements and Divorce in the DFW Metroplex

The state of Texas does not recognize the concept of a “legal separation.” The court considers you married to your spouse until a final divorce decree is entered. For couples who are thinking about divorce, there is the option to enter into a “separation agreement,” also referred to as a “partition and exchange agreement,” that can help prepare you and your spouse for the financial outcome of divorce.

At the Shapiro Law Firm, in Plano, Texas, our attorneys can help you understand your rights and options in separation and divorce. With more than 40 years of family law experience in Collin County and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have handled a wide range of cases for couples in Texas and have the legal knowledge necessary to protect your rights and interests under the law.

Issues to Consider in Separation and Divorce

Prior to and during the divorce stage, it is important to know your options, your legal responsibilities and the consequences of your decision-making. The actions taken by each spouse prior to the divorce stage — sometimes referred to as the separation stage — can point the way to the final outcome and can influence what is outlined in the divorce settlement agreement.

Important issues to consider include:

Our lawyers will discuss your circumstances with you and help you to understand your rights. We will create a long-term plan that will prepare you for the divorce process and make it as smooth and efficient as possible.

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