Vigorous Defense of Marijuana Cultivation Charges

While many states allow people suffering from certain medical conditions to possess a small amount of marijuana plants for personal use, it remains illegal in Texas. A conviction for cultivating marijuana or any other narcotic could lead to years in prison.

At the Shapiro Law Firm, our lawyers will put their decades of experience in state and federal drug crime defense to use for you when you are facing drug cultivation charges. Located in Plano, our attorneys have a reputation for providing personal, effective representation to clients throughout Texas.

We Can Uncover the Important Facts of Your Case

Depending on the amount of plants you had and what type of narcotic it was, a conviction could mean anywhere from a few years to life in prison. That is why it is important to work with lawyers with a long track record of successfully defending clients facing charges such as these.

Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation to determine what factors were at play, including:

  • Whether you were aware the plant was growing on your property
  • If there was any intent to distribute the drugs
  • If the plants were going to be consumed by humans

Contact the Shapiro Law Firm Today When Your Freedom Is at Stake

In a state like Texas that aggressively prosecutes drug crimes, you cannot leave your defense to attorneys with little experience. Our lawyers will be ready to take your case to trial if a favorable resolution cannot be reached before then.

Contact us online or call 972-423-0033 to schedule a consultation as soon as you learn you are the target of an investigation.

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