Possession of a Small Amount of Drugs

Those who are arrested for the possession of a small amount of drugs are usually hardworking people who have never been in trouble with the law. A charge of drug possession, even for a small amount, can result in significant penalties that can carry a lifelong impact. Do not underestimate how important it is to get experienced criminal defense representation in order to protect your rights and your future.

At the Shapiro Law Firm, in Plano, Texas, our Collin County criminal defense attorneys provide diligent representation for drug possession and other charges. We routinely handle drug charges involving:

We also handle charges related to prescription drugs as well as other controlled substances. In addition to possession charges, we also provide criminal defense for a wide range of other state and federal drug crimes.

Defending Against Possession Charges in Texas

There are a limited number of ways that a police officer has to discover whether a suspect is in possession of drugs. If the police officer did not have reasonable cause to search you, your vehicle or your residence — or to make a traffic stop in the first place — and did not have a required warrant, the gathering of evidence in your case may have been illegal.

Our lawyers will thoroughly review the stop, arrest and gathering of evidence in your case in order to determine whether the search and seizure was legal. If it was not, we will aggressively work to get that evidence dismissed and protect your rights throughout the process. The possession of even a small amount of drugs may limit your ability to get a job, a school loan or access to other opportunities. It can also carry hefty fines and result in probation, community service, jail time and other penalties. It is important to retain experienced legal counsel.

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