We Help Unite Families Through Adoption

From the moment you heard their heartbeat, saw their fuzzy outline during an ultrasound or met them for the first time, you could tell they were yours. It doesn’t matter what biology says; in the eyes of the law, a child that you adopt is your child. At The Shapiro Law Firm, we believe in that same idea wholeheartedly. That’s why we’re proud to represent Texas families of all shapes and sizes in adoption cases.

The Types Of Adoptions Our Firm Helps With

Attorney Spenser Housewright handles all the adoption cases that come through our firm. She has extensive experience helping families navigate all sorts of different types of arrangements, including:

  • Traditional adoptions
  • Same-sex couple adoptions
  • Planned adoptions involving assisted reproduction and surrogacy
  • Step-parent adoptions

No matter your family’s situation, she is equipped to guide you through it.

How Do We Make A Difference In Adoption Cases?

Attorney Housewright doesn’t view adoption cases simply as tasks to complete. She considers it an honor to assist in bringing families together. While she always treats her clients professionally, the emotional significance of family law matters such as these is not lost on her.

Attorney Housewright is highly knowledgeable about the Texas Family Code. She knows how to ensure every action she takes strictly adheres to the law and, in turn, brings families a step closer to their ultimate goal. The 9 to 18 months it takes for an adoption case to be resolved can feel like an eternity, so attorney Housewright does everything possible to keep the process moving efficiently. All the while, she keeps clients informed and updated at every point in the process.

Speak To An Attorney About Adoption In Texas Today

Attorney Housewright and the rest of the attorneys at our firm love to watch families grow through adoption. If you’re preparing to begin the adoption process, we’d be honored to serve as your guide. To get started on your journey, contact us to arrange a consultation. You can reach us by phone at 972-833-8196 or by completing an appointment request form online.

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