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If you have been charged with a crime in the past, but were not convicted or were found to be not guilty, you will still have a criminal record. This can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life and may serve to limit employment and educational opportunities. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible to have your record expunged, which erases your criminal record altogether, or be eligible for nondisclosure, which seals your record from public view. Either remedy can go a long way toward removing the taint of a past arrest.

At the Shapiro Law Firm, our Texas expungement attorneys have extensive experience helping residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex put their criminal histories behind them so they can move forward with their lives without the taint of a criminal record.

Eligibility for Expungements and Nondisclosures

Not every criminal record is eligible for expungement or nondisclosure. In general, you may be eligible for a nondisclosure if you were sentenced to probation but were found not guilty of a crime. Your record may be eligible for expungement if your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty without being sentenced to probation.

You will not be eligible for an expungement or a nondisclosure if you have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor. Also, DWI/DUI convictions of any type are not eligible for either expungement or nondisclosure.

Every Case Is Unique

While there are general eligibility guidelines, whether a record can be sealed really depends on the unique circumstances of your case and whether you have experienced any subsequent arrests. From our Plano law office, our Collin County criminal defense lawyers will review your history and let you know what your options are. We also have extensive experience helping with the sealing of a juvenile record. We do not believe that a single mistake should follow you around for the rest of your life.

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