Aggressively Defending Drug Trafficking Charges

When many people think of drug trafficking charges, they think of drug cartels and gangs moving large amounts across the country. These charges can affect anyone, however, meaning you need to arm yourself with the strongest defense possible.

Our attorneys at the Shapiro Law Firm understand Texas’ complex drug trafficking and distribution laws and how to defend you against charges that could lead to life in prison. With more than 40 years of legal experience and a sterling reputation in the legal community, they are well-positioned to help you, whether you are facing federal or state charges.

We Can Cast Doubt on the Prosecution

In addition to being charged with trafficking or distribution, you could also be charged with “intent to distribute” cocaine, heroin or other drugs. Law enforcement often relies on this charge if they stop people who are driving with drugs in the car.

Our lawyers can determine whether:

  • You were unaware that there were drugs in your vehicle, such as if you are a commercial truck driver and there were drugs in the trailer you did not know about.
  • Whether unreliable informants named you in an effort to deflect attention away from themselves
  • You actually intended to deliver or distribute any drugs
  • Someone forced you to deliver drugs under threat of violence

Before you accept any plea deals that may not be in your favor, talk to our attorneys. They understand that you have rights and what the burden of proof is for prosecutors.

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