Heroin Drug Crime Defense Lawyers

Heroin is an extremely dangerous drug with significant addictive properties, and the effects it can have on the human body are ravaging. Due to its impact, criminal offenses involving heroin are taken very seriously by law enforcement officials and prosecutors in the state of Texas. If you have been charged with criminal possession or criminal sale of heroin, it is possible that you may be facing penalties that include extensive jail time or fines.

At the Shapiro Law Firm in Plano, our lawyers have nearly 40 years of experience representing people charged with felony and misdemeanor drug crimes in Texas, including those involving heroin. We have handled a wide range of drug and narcotic offenses and have achieved successful resolutions for many of our clients throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and Collin County.

Plano Heroin Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Both the possession and the sale of heroin are serious crimes with severe punishments. The sale of heroin, however, can result in much higher punishments and more severe felony charges than possession of the same amount of heroin.

Our firm will look at all of the evidence involved in your arrest, including how it was gathered, to determine whether your rights were upheld during the process. Our knowledgeable lawyers can fight to reduce the potential consequences of your arrest.

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