Experienced Fraud Defense Attorneys

Any type of fraud charge is serious and can have significant penalties that include incarceration. Even a crime such as credit card abuse or trying to pass off bad checks can negatively impact your reputation and can carry stiff consequences. It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side if you believe that you are under investigation, or you have been arrested on charges of fraud.

At the Shapiro Law Firm in Plano, our firm has nearly 40 years of experience handling fraud and white collar crimes in Dallas-Fort Worth, Collin County and throughout the state of Texas. We understand how serious these charges are for our clients and work vigorously to provide a strong criminal defense that will protect client rights. Whether during an investigation or after charges have already been filed, our firm will work closely with you to reduce or eliminate what penalties you may be facing.

Plano Fraud Defense Lawyers

Our firm handles many different types of fraud charges in Texas, including:

  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Forgery and passing bad checks
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud

We take a strategic approach to each client case. You can trust that your future will be protected by a firm with a solid reputation for getting results. We can protect your interests throughout the entirety of the criminal process.

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Whether you are being investigated for fraud, or you have already been arrested, contact us at the Shapiro Law Firm and talk with one of our attorneys about your situation. Call our Plano, Texas, office to schedule a consultation at 972-423-0033.

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