Don’t Make Your Dallas Divorce Harder than it has to Be

Many couples make their divorces much more difficult on themselves than necessary by making some common mistakes. It is extremely difficult to control or influence your strong emotions in such a difficult time, and impossible to control the words and actions of your spouse. However, you can control legal aspects of your divorce to save you time, money and perhaps some pain.

Because of the strong feelings involved, divorce mistakes are commonplace. Some of the mistakes people make include:

  • Being adamant about taking every little thing through the lawyers or into the courtroom
  • Procrastinating or stalling with the divorce proceedings
  • Being unorganized

Before a separation, a couple should sit down and prepare for their divorce by discussing the splitting of their assets. Any agreements the distressed couple can make will help the lawyers do their job more efficiently. The estranged spouses should have a list of what each individual wants after the breakup. This list can contain everything from bedspreads to retirement funds. Custody of the children also need to be discussed when the couple is in a calm, rational mood. Understandably, the more important an issue, the greater the potential need for attorneys to get involved.

The most common financial mistake a divorcee often makes is asking for the house. One of the spouses often feels as if they need to hold on to the family home for their children or for their pride. What they need to think about is the great financial responsibility being a homeowner brings with it, in addition to the tremendous amount of work a home causes throughout each year. In most situations, a better plan would be for a couple to sell the house and split the proceeds and each move into a different location, although each situation is certainly unique.

If the couple has any type of retirement funds, investment portfolios or other investments, like a family business, they should seek financial advice from an accountant or financial consultant. Often times, a law firm can make recommendations on reputable financial experts as the need arises. Professional financial advice will help the couple make solid decisions and help them with the crucial appraisal process. When a company is an asset involved in the divorce, appraising the value of a business’s future worth may be something that needs to be calculated for determining spousal support.

It may be hard, but the couple should try to come together and work as a team when possible to get their divorce over quickly with minimal cost and expense. Of course, an experienced Dallas family law attorney can help his client through all tough phases of the divorce process.

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