Todd Shapiro Appears in Dallas Morning News

(Dallas, Texas) Jan. 3 — Criminal defense attorney Todd Shapiro of the Shapiro Law Firm in Plano was quoted in a Dallas Morning News article concerning the rigid system of punishment for underage drinking in Texas.

The column, Texas’ Underage Alcohol Abusers often Re-Offend, Avoid Treatment, appeared in the newspaper on Jan. 3. It discusses the unique situation that 17- to-20-year-olds face when they are arrested for underage alcohol consumption or underage drunk driving.

Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney’s Expertise Featured in Column

Shapiro was called on for his expertise concerning the punishment a minor offender faces in the criminal justice system, usually jail time or probation. Shapiro explained that probation is “not for everybody… People who can’t afford lawyers, people who have a hard time making ends meet, probation is not appropriate for them.” He explained, “You’ve got to be able to take time off of work. They’re going to make you take community service — it’s a huge commitment.”

For over 10 years, Todd Shapiro has been litigating criminal cases. He graduated from The University of Texas School of Law and began his career as an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County. He brought his vast criminal trial experience to the Shapiro Law Firm in 2003, where he uses his insight in forming defense strategies for his clients.

The Shapiro Law Firm is a Plano, Texas, firm with extensive experience providing criminal defense for its clients. Todd’s father, Howard Shapiro , founded Shapiro Law Associates in 1973. When Todd joined Howard’s practice, the firm changed names to become the Shapiro Law Firm.

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